Monday, June 9, 2014

Bank holiday in Châtenois

Monday 9 June
Today is the day we leave Zurich, but more importantly, today is the day we rent a car and drive to Strasbourg. I repeat: drive. Mom hasn't driven a stick shift since I was born and we don't understand international driving rules. I can't wait. 

We're ready for our drive!

It went way more smoothly than either of us could have hoped. Mom forgot she was driving a stick shift only once when we had to slow down going into France. 

We're heading to a BBQ at a winery that's held every year. The Bouchards, whom were staying with, are good friends of the owners and they invited us along. We spend several hours at picnic tables tasting wine and eating while trying to stay cool. Pierre, the winemaker, gives us a tour and tells us about the winery and their individual vineyards.  

Mom's new friend François lent her his hat so that she would stay cool. 

I talked to Pierre about Alsacian winemaking for a while, he was very kind and informative. I loved it. 

We head back to the Bouchards house via the wine road and get a glimpse of the Alsacian countryside and villages. We're going to drive this again tomorrow. 

We then spend time drinking Champagne and some Beaumes de Venise while talking until it is cool enough to eat dinner on the Bouchards rooftop deck. 

We had delicious steaks from the farmer next door, followed by cheese and cake. It was a wonderful day. 

Justine and I are tired after a long day of fun. 

Our view during dinner. 

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