Monday, June 2, 2014


Did I mention I was sick? Coughing spells are really cramping my style but I have a solution. 

Of course original flavor is licorice. 

Now we're all getting sick. Elora has been fighting a cold and now it seems Gerben and Matteo have a cough too. I swear it wasn't me who got them sick. 

Matteo's solution is more coffee. I agree with him. 

What do I get for feeding her a bottle like she wanted for breakfast? Spit up all over my pants. She's adorable though so I can't be mad. 

After lunch and Matteo's nap we head to Enschede to visit Corrie and Truus. I say goodbye to Elst and the farmhouse. 

We arrive in Enschede and have dinner in Corrie's garden. 

Matteo entertains himself and us by 'watering' all the plants.

A glass of wine and reality tv to finish the day. 


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