Saturday, June 21, 2014

Drinking Champagne in Reims

Monday 16 June
Mom drove the rental car back to Zurich and then flew back to Grand Rapids... Leaving me all alone *wah*

I had to take the bus to Stasbourg then get on the train. The trains have been on strike for a week now which means many aren't running. I got a ticket on the 12:16 to Reims (thanks to Philippe :) and only had to wait in the station for an hour. When I tried to go to my seat, I was told that the car was full and I was being moved to a new one... In first class! Win! 

This seat is so roomy and I feel so classy. 

I got to Reims around 2:30 and made my way to Axel's apartment. 

Right there. 

He is a photographer and works from home, so I could go there to drop off my bag. We chatted for a bit, and he gave me all the pointers of where to go and what to see before I set out on my own. First stop was the cathedral because it is directly across the street. 

I sat in the park and studied the map, okay and the people around me. So much people watching! 
Then I ended up near Mumm. Axel told me it was the closest champagne house to tour and taste, and since I don't have a car, I decided to do it. It was nearly 5 when I arrived so I JUST made the last tour. Actually I was a bit late, but a guide took me down to the caves and gave me a mini tour until I was caught up. 


The cellar with all the oldest bottles. 

Selfie! I wish my complimentary taste was a complimentary bottle, but it'll do. 

For when sabering a champagne bottle with the back of a knife just isn't classy enough, you can buy a special saber box set. 

Sat in another park for more people watching. 

Back at the flat, Axel and I share a bottle of champagne and talk of our travels. I always feel incredibly behind on passport stamps whenever this happens, since I haven't spent a year backpacking through South America and 6 months in Australia and 2 months in Thailand...  

Axel: "you need a picture with all the things important in Reims!"

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