Thursday, June 19, 2014

Le week end

Saturday 14 June
Errands were on today's agenda. We had to go to Cora which, according to Léopold, is HUGE. I was skeptical because we've got some pretty huge supermarkets in the States but he was right, it is huge even for someone who's used to Costco. Near the supermarket we stop at a store to pick up a French phone for me to use while I'm here. 

Check out that fine piece of technology. I'm still struggling to text on it. 

At 5:30 we had dinner plans with Kees, a Dutch cousin. He's been living in Strasbourg with his girlfriend, Nicole, for 6 years and they just had Baby Max. After chatting for a while, the three of us went out and Nicole stayed home with Max. We stopped at a local wine place for drinks and some charcuterie then to dinner for more tarte flambée. Yum. 

Kees' parents were in town tonight on their way back home from vacation. They were staying in a nearby hotel, so we went in to say a quick "hi" before driving back to Griesheim. 

Sunday 15 June
When Carole asked what we wanted to do today, Mom emphatically said "nothing!" and so that's what we did. It was wonderful. 

We had a great spread for breakfast from the local bakery. I've been waiting to have Kougloff since Carole showed me it in a bakery. It's the gigantic upside down muffin-thing. 

I got some intense farmers tan on my arms while journaling on the patio and reading magazines, then Mom packed up her bag for the long trip home. 

I helped pack all the mini wine bottles Carole got for Mom to bring home. We had to get inventive. 

For lunch Carole made crêpes! Yum yum.

I was overjoyed to discover they had a chocolate spread that didn't have nuts in it! I may have eaten too many crêpes...

The neighbor called Carole yesterday and told her to come over whenever she'd like to pick some cherries so we went in the late afternoon. Mom and I were going a little crazy with the cherry picking, so Carole & Philippe had to cut us off. 

Another beautiful night meant dinner on the patio once again. It was so much fun to stay with the Bouchards and we were so sad to leave our new friends. They were so welcoming, I couldn't have dreamt of a better time. Love you guys! :*

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