Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Today is spend with Cousin Corrie. I've spent many nights here over the years but it's still fun to climb the stairs into the zolder to go to bed. 

We head into Enschede after breakfast and coffee in the garden. 

Photo credit: Corrie Kasper

Tuesday is market day. I resist buying a huge wheel of cheese... Sadly it's just not practical. 

Hey look! Pop tarts are candy?

An old church in the city center. 

As we wander we see 'The Best Ice Cream Salon of 2014'. Naturally we have to taste this for ourselves. We're told that citrus cake is the best flavor. It was delicious. 

We pass by an automated food machine aka 'The Wall'. 

Back at Corries we sit in the garden and FaceTime with family back home. 

Photo credit: Corrie Kasper

After, we head to Truus' house for a lovely dinner and soon back to Corrie's to do some laundry and pack for tomorrow. I take the train to Trier, Germany bright and early in the morning.  

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