Sunday, June 1, 2014

Two days in Elst

Yesterday, Saturday, I slept til 1pm...whoops. I woke up just in time for lunch so I had coffee and raisin buns. After Gerben showed me the garden which was filled with a variety of plants typical on a former farm like apples, walnuts, plums, and even grapevines crawling up the brick house. 

Petra stayed home with the kids, and Gerben took me along for some errands to the home store for a screen door and to the grocery store. We took his Citroën 2CV. Luckily, as he says, we didn't lose any parts on our drive. 

On our way, we stopped at the ferry landing to take a peek at the Rhine River. 

The rest of the day was filled with children and play parks once Petra's sister, brother-in-law and 3 kids came by for the day. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day which was nice since the previous 24 hours were quite exhausting. 

This morning, Sunday, I did great and woke up at 9:30! Go me! I enjoyed coffee and Hagel Slag on bread while the rest of the house was upstairs waking up. 

I love a country where chocolate sprinkles on buttered bread is an acceptable breakfast. 

Eventually Matteo joined me downstairs and read the book I gave him as a gift for his hospitality. He was appreciative. 

This is the look I get when I speak English to him: confused suspicion. It's progress though because yesterday he was covering his ears when Petra and I were speaking English. 

After breakfast Gerben, Matteo and I go on a bike ride to see Kasteel Amerongen which is a nearby Manor that is now is a tourist destination as well venue for weddings. 

On the way we pass by the Molen right around the corner from Gerben & Petra's. Matteo loves it. 

My tour guide. 

We arrive at Kasteel Amerongen
Matteo is not pleased he has to be carried over the bridge. 

Matteo was very intrigued by the roosters and chickens wandering the grounds. 

We put flowers in our hair. 

Back on our bikes we pass another Kasteel but this one is still lived in by its owners. I'm jealous and wouldn't mind at all living in a castle..  Next destination is an old barn full of sheep that are specially breed because they're a rare breed not seen as much anymore. 

I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden they all charged us at the fence where we were standing. I pet one of the head all the while very aware that it could bite me. They seemed a bit menacing and not at all like I was expecting. Dirty. Very dirty. 

We head back home and pass the windmill again. 

We go to church and then have dinner when we return. Matteo likes to go for a walk after dinner to visit the windmills again. This time to the yard full of mini-windmills owned by an elderly couple. They are entirely charmed by Matteo and let him run around and play in their yard. Soon it's time for bed and we head back. 

Nothing rounds out the day like a beer and I have a Grolsch, brewed in Enschede which is where I'm heading tomorrow. 


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