Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zürich: Day 3

Sunday 8 June
Yesterday I discovered the rooftop patio on our hostel, so this morning we decided to have breakfast up there. 

Pretzels and cheese: breakfast of champions. Spoiler alert: this theme continues

We took the train up the mountain to Uetliberg and get a panoramic view of the city and harbor. After a short 10 minute hike up some stairs we are at the top of the mountain. We see that we can climb a tower to get an even better view, the catch is that we have to climb another 270 stairs. The reason we were so out of breath is because the air was so thin.... And it's hot. No other possible explanation. 

Mom really liked these benches. 

The temperature is pushing 90 by this point and we're ready to get down the mountain. At the train station we learn that we can use our tickets for all public transportation. Obviously we need to take advantage of this, so we take the river boat taxi to see more of the city from the water. 

We reach the entrance to Lake Zurich, and I can see all the people in the park enjoying the water. It's packed. 

Now all I can thing about is swimming. I must go immediately. I'm practically swimming in my own sweat. This heat is ridiculous. Mom wants to go rent bikes and bike to the park. We ended up not being able to bike because we needed a deposit and a passport, so instead we took the tram to the park and swim. It. Was. Amazing. 

I'm SOO happy and refreshed. 

This whole drinking in public places thing is really fun. Wine at a picnic in the park? Yes please!

These girls next to us we're going really hardcore with the selfies: see their handy selfie... stick? It was a 15 minute photo shoot with changing positions and angles. Everyone was loving it. 

We enjoyed the park and people watching for two hours, but finally Mom tore me away. SHE wanted to go hike up Uetliberg to see the city at night. Not via the train and a quick walk, but an actual hike. I pouted but agreed. 

We had to take the tram this time, I needed the last of my stroopwafles to make it. At the end of the tram line we went the wrong way, but ended up seeing what looked like a huge area where you rent plots of land and can garden. It was very pretty with some great views. 

Fortunately, ahem I mean, UNfortunately this sidetrip meant we got to the hiking path too late and the path was closed so we had to take the train. Once we finally arrived it was just dusk and the lighting was great. Or so I thought. Apparently my iPhone takes better pictures than my regular camera, but neither were great. Sorry. 

The tower lit at night. 

My nice cameras attempt at a picture. Pathetic. 

iPhones attempt at a picture. Better, but not great. 

We didn't get back to the hostel until almost 11 and we were exhausted, but seeing the city all lit up was worth it. 

As a reward for our tough day, we had wine and some of our truffles for our bedtime snack. 

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  1. swimming and wine in the park?! Sounds amazing. I'm missing a buddy at the pool next door... suppose you have a good excuse.