Sunday, June 15, 2014

Strasbourg: Days 1 & 2

Thursday 12 June
Carole took the day off from work to show us around Strasbourg. We had breakfast together, then Carole drove Mom to Steelcase to visit some colleagues. The two of us then picked up Mom an hour later enroute to the city centre. In Alsace you can pay 3€ to park your car just outside of the city centre and the ticket is valid on the trams for that day. It was very convenient. 

It's Justine's last day of school, so we meet her and two friends for lunch. 

This is her school near the city center... I wish my high school looked this pretty. 

We had tartine at an epicerie, but I don't know the name... Either way it was a lovely time. Justine & her friends have to go back to school so we leave and Carole takes us to see the Petite France. 

We discovered that the Vauban dam had a walkway on the roof, so we went up to enjoy another view of the city. 

Hah. That's my shoulder. 

From there we walk back through the Petite France, to the Place Kleber. 

There was a supermarket, so we went in and bought ice cream treats. Obviously. 

For the main event: the Cathedral 

I may have gone a little overboard with the panorama option on my iPhone. 

The astrological clock inside the cathedral. 

We called it a day by 5:30 and headed back to Griesheim. Mom then went to dinner with a colleague from Steelcase, and I stayed home with the family. 

Friday 13 June
Mom and I had done zero shopping thus far, and yesterday Carole showed us the good places, so today was shopping day. We also wanted to go back to the Cathedral to watch the movie about th astrology clock and see the clock work. 

We kind of expected more, but it was still cool. 

Of course we take even more pictures of the cathedral. 

Next we end up in Galleries Lafayette for some purse shopping. 

And this continues for the rest of the day. At around 4, Mom was inspired to have an ice cream at one of the many cafés in the cathedrals shadow. I decided to one-up and get a beer. 

We realized the time and left for some more shopping and wandering. We had parked near the Parc de l'Orangerie, and that was a 'must see' so we quick popped in for a look. We forgot that the main thing we had to see were the storkes in the middle of the park. Oops. 

Only minor traffic on the way home, and mom navigated it well (all while complaining about manual cars and clutches). We all enjoyed another beautiful night on the patio. 

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