Sunday, June 8, 2014

Zürich: Day 2

Saturday 7 June
We wake up at 7 and go to the common room for a wifi fix. Sadly, this hostel doesn't have free breakfast, only free tea. We have a cup hoping to stave off the caffeine headache that's inevitable. We head out just after 10 with the promise of coffee and a bakery. 

The map that the hostel gave us also had a walking map. We follow it a bit and search for coffee. On the Rathhausbrücke we find a market and coffee stand. Mom gets a hazelnut filled croissant thing, and I go for classic croissant. We sit on a bench and enjoy the view and people watch. 

We also have a printed walking tour from Frommers, we like to be prepared, and it directs us towards St Peters Church. A quick peek in and we're on our way to Fraumünster, a former convent. The square surrounding it is beautiful as well. 

We then walk down the river to Bürkiplatz, where all the tour boats leave from. It was 1.5 hours and we got a great view of the Alps and Zurich from the water. 

We enjoy window shopping on Bahnhofstrasse, which one of the most exclusive shopping streets in Europe. Our handy Frommers guide tells us that we need to stop at Sprüngli, famous for it's macaroons and truffles. We stand inside for 2 seconds looking at the truffles and the sales lady is handing us samples. She's a very talented saleswoman because of course we now have to have a box. A small box okay! And besides we've been walking a lot...

A Coop, the local grocery store, is just up the street and so we go in to get some lunch. Nearby is Lindenhof, a square high up on a hill in the middle of the city. It was a beautiful view and great spot to eat our lunch. 

Since Grossmünster was closed yesterday, and I wanted to see inside, we head back to the other side of the river. On the way we get distracted by more window shopping and I get myself another souvenir. 

After visiting Grossmünster again, we walk back to the hostel and the streets are packed. We regroup and head back out to another Coop for dinner, and realize why it's so busy. It's Saturday night and everything will be closed Sunday, and Monday is a bank holiday, meaning everything is closed, so everyone has to get their grocery shopping in now. We sit on Bahnhofstrasse and enjoy more people watching while eating our hummus, carrots, and tomato pastry thing. 

After we realize that stores are closed for the next two days, another trip to the Coop is necessary. This time we leave carrying not the healthy food we should, but a box of 16 count ice cream bars "because they're cheaper! It's a better deal!". We end up back at the Rathausbrücke to enjoy our treats. We polish off the viez and may have eaten a few ice creams... Each...

Back at the hostel we confirm there isn't a freezer, but put the ice cream is the fridge and hope for the best. It's a gorgeous night so we go back to sit on the river to journal and enjoy the city as dusk falls. 

Outside our hostel, you can see the square full of people listening to the live band. 

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  1. go back and get me the BIG box for crying out loud!