Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ciao Italy

Saturday 26 July
Had to check out of the hostel by 11, so I left my bag there and went for round two at the Duomo. I was prepared with rain jacket and giant scarf. 

Rainy days 

More gelati for lunch: espresso & dark chocolate. 

Ruby had told me of a flea market near the hostel happening today, so I swung by searching for a ring. Found one! 2€. Boom. Then I ran to the hostel to get my bag before reception closed for lunch at 1:30. Made it by 1:15. 

After some deliberation, I decided to take Chiara up on her offer and stay with her in Torino again. I just needed one night, and I wanted to hang out, and take a break from sightseeing. 

Chiara was gone for the weekend, so Nico and Marco picked me up from the train station and took me up .

Contrary to what this picture shows, we had excellent views of the city. 

Then kayaking on the river Po! Gah! And I didn't even fall in. 

I would have taken more pictures but I was terrified I'd fall in and ruin my phone. I had to focus on paddling straight. 

Once again, a bunch of people came over for dinner and I had fun trying to understand Italian. Just FYI I can count to 5 so I'm nearly fluent. Afterwards we went out to a few bars and drank a few mojitos. 

Sunday 27 July
No exaggerating, I laid in a park all day today. It was hot and sunny and I didn't take one picture. I had a wonderful day. 

The bad thing about backpacks is that on hot days, you get incredibly sweaty whilst running to make a scheduled bus/train. Lucky for me the bus I took from Torino to Lyon was so air conditioned I was actually cold for the entire 4 hours. It was a welcome difference from precious buses I've been on. It went through the mountains so I could enjoy some beautiful scenery on my way. 

I arrived in Lyon at 9:30, which is a little later than I'd usually like, but since it's summer I knew it'd be light a bit longer. I navigated my way through the metro system and to the hostel by 10. I diligently FaceTimed mom and dad immediately upon my arrival before going to bed. 

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