Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Friday 25 July
Game Plan: google "things to see in Milan" then go see them.

Just trimming the ivy on the balcony. 

I walk to the Duomo and immediately get heckled by the men selling bracelets and birdseed to unsuspecting tourists. Thankfully I've perfected the Glare that unusually deters them. 

In line to enter the Duomo, a guard catches my eye, shakes his head 'no' in a very disapproving manner while pointing to a sign that has Xs through shorts and tank tops. I look down at my shorts and tank top... then nod and leave the line. I wasn't aware that I dressed like a hussy today... 

Undeterred I walk through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to Teatro alla Scala.  

When I see I can tour the opera house at 1:30, I head to Sforza Castle in the meantime. 

At 1:30 I head back to Teatro alla Scala. When I arrive, I see why there are no shows going on during this week, they're renovating. It was still really beautiful and I used my imagination and pretended the chandelier was up instead of covered in scafolding. 

Mirror selfies. Everyone else was doing it...

No idea... But look at that moustache and his impressive brow! 

In the theater museum

I then ate a late lunch with Leonardo. 

Espresso is only 1€. Good espresso. How can I not!?

I shopped for hours. You'll all be proud because I only bought ONE dress. What self restraint I showed when faced with all those super sales. In Zara, an English girl and I bonded over the mutual love of some 20€ heels (originally 100€!!) and the inability to pack them. She bought them. I didn't. *sigh*

I walked back to the hostel at around 6. 

I don't wanna judge, BUT I thought it was so cute that my new roommate had planned out every. single. day. Penciled in  times, locations, and confirmation numbers. I find out later that it's her first trip. I love it. 

Ruby and some guys I met in the hostel talk me into going out for maxi drinks. On the way, we overhear them say "well I don't care man, let's flip for them" and Ruby and I both eye rolled so hard I'm surprised they didn't catch on. We ditched them as soon as the bill was paid. 

Maxi drinks are dangerous. 

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