Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lazy Lyon - Part Dieu

Tuesday 29 July
I really tried today, but it's rainy again and it makes waking up so much harder. Also I'm feeling a cold coming on. Not cool. I did make it into the city by 11 so that's progress. 

Rainy days equal museum days. First I went to the Fine Arts Museum. 

Well. I TRIED to go to the Fine Arts Museum. It's closed on Tuesdays. *sigh*

Museum take two:
The Lumière Brothers lived in Lyon so I went to their house to see the invention and progression of cinema. 

I exited the museum to see more rain and was starting to feel worse so I go back to the hostel for a quick nap and hopefully to wait out the rain. I had been off the grid for a bit, so I FaceTimed with Mom, then Dad, THEN grandparents and attempted with Paige. Family duties done I go back into the city, this time to Old Town and a hike up to the Basillica. Lyon is hilly....

Views from the Basillica

Inside was my favorite. 

From here I tried to go to the Amphetheater... But couldn't get in because The National was playing a show for the next few nights. Cool that they're here! Disappointing I couldn't go in

After I shower and meet my new roommates, I take myself out to dinner. I sat on outside on the street and enjoyed people watching. I had chicken liver salad, black pudding, cheese, AND then tarte. I was seriously concerned that I would puke I was so full but it was delicious. I only took a picture of the wine though... Because let's be real, black pudding is delicious but doesn't exactly look appetizing. 

As I'm wrapping up my wonderful meal,  60-something Frenchman sits down by me and starts chatting. He doesn't speak English so we attempt to converse in French. I understand that he's insisting that I come inside for just ONE drink with his friends but thankfully the server saw my plight and gave me the check. 

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