Thursday, August 14, 2014

Versailles in the Sun

Tuesday 5 August
When searching 'tips for visiting Versailles' and those tips say "don't go on Tuesdays because it's incredibly busy" plan accordingly. I ignored this advice because Tuesday is sunny, but Wednesday will rain and visiting Versailles gardens in the rain didn't sound appealing. 

What I SHOULD have done was buy tickets ahead of time and get there an hour before they open at 9. 

What I ACTUALLY did was show up at 11 with no ticket. Idiot. 

The line to get in looped the courtyard 5 times. 

I'm standing at the doorway to the building for tickets, after waiting for over an hour. Little did we realize the line looped inside the building. I felt betrayed emotionally. 

I got into the ticket line, and made friends with a lady from Virginia and her daughter, which helps pass the time, and 2 hours later we had reached the ticket counter. I repeat, TWO hours later, which makes it 1pm. From the ticket line, we had to then get in line to enter the palace. That line was currently at about 3.5 hours. Yes. Three and a half hour wait, so I would get into the palace at 4 or 5 pm and it closes at 6pm. UG. 

Virginia lady and I already made a plan, since we had two hours to discuss it, and decided to go into the gardens today and come back for the palace tomorrow. In purchasing a two day ticket, tomorrow we could skip that line entirely and just get directly into the palace entrance line. Yay for plans!

We walked directly into the gardens, and I spent the next SIX hours looking at all of the various fountains, courtyards, palaces, and gardens. 

I went to the back of the gardens first, to see the Grand Trianon.

Then walked to the Petit Trianon.

After a quick nap in the grass (I was tired okay!), I entered the Queen's Hamlet and Farm.

Then back to the main gardens. It was so beautiful, but I was quite disappointed that none of the fountains were running.
 Temple of Love

This was my favorite section - Enceladus Grove


At 7pm, I'm exhausted and say goodbye to the Gardens. I'll be back bright and early tomorrow morning. I change trains, then metros twice to get back to the hostel. I make an emergency run to the supermarket for a bottle of wine and two eclairs before ending up at the hostel at around 9pm.

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