Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lazy Lyon

Monday 28 July
As per my usual, I wake up with no plan but to go to the tourism office and ask "what should I see?". The problem with this is that today is rainy. And I'm tired. And I wanna just lay in bed... And I accidentally do until 11. Ahh! I jump up and run out the door by noon. I haven't slept that late my whole trip and the guilt is setting in. 

Rain jacket securely fastened, I trudge to the city center. It's gorgeous here despite the rain. 

Since the hostel charges for breakfast and I refuse on principle to pay a hostel for extras, I have to go out for breakfast. But now it's lunch time. So I go with it and order lunch at a restaurant near Place Bellecour. I had a salad with confit duck, foie gras, AND duck breast. To die for. 

Oh and I had a coffee. 

I found the Tourism Office and a very nice girl gave me all the information I could ever want about Lyon. Since it was still raining I wanted to check out Les Halles de Lyon which is a huge covered market with tons of stalls and restaurants and fresh produce. Sounds amazing right? Yeah most stalls were closed because it's a Monday. I was very sad. By now it's 4 and I'm soaking wet from the pouring rain so I give up and go back to the hostel to do some much overdue laundry. 

'Twas exciting. 

Since the hostel doesn't have a kitchen, they offer a dinner every night at 8pm for 10€ with three courses including wine. I hadn't bought any food, you know because no place to store it, so I signed up. It was quite delicious and I totally got my 10€ worth. 

After dinner I went to bed, determined to seize the day tomorrow. Or at least be up by 9:30.... Or 10. 

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