Thursday, August 14, 2014

Parisian Neighborhoods

Monday 4 August
Many touristy things, like museums and attractions, are closed on Monday because they're open on Sunday. This doesn't matter much because Paris has many neighborhoods to explore and you can't close a neighborhood. After our nighttime excursion to the Sacre Cœur, I wanted to see it again in the daylight, so I metro to Montmartre. 

The lines to go inside were out-of-control long so I skipped it. I figured it hasn't changed in the 4 years since I was here last. 

No big deal, just a fashion shoot with hundreds of tourists looking on with excitement. 

Vineyards in Montmartre

For the Amélie fans out there, including myself, I had a coffee at Café des Deux Moulins where part of the movie is set. 

It didn't look exactly the same as the movie... But was still cool! Coffee was expensive though, obviously taking advantage of the tourists like me :)

I conclude my tour of Montmarte with the Moulin Rouge. Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman were surprisingly absent and there was no elephant in sight. Highly disappointing. 

Next, the Latin Quarter. 

Notre Dame from the gardens at St-Julien-le-Pauvre


Sadly the Pantheon was under renovation, as most things seemed to be this summer. 

The marble was really cool so I sat with my shoes off and enjoyed the shade, and the view, for a bit. 

I walked to Ile St-Louis and bought some treats on the way. 


15 minutes later, I had explored the entire tiny island, and crossed the bridge to Notre Dame. 

More noms. Citrus tartes are my FAVORITE forever and always. 

I went to Saint Chapelle, but once again the lines were out of control so I didn't go in. I'd advise NOT traveling in Paris around August. Just saying. 

I'd been walking nearly all day, aside from a few dessert breaks, so I head back to the flat for a rest. 

I, then, feel guilty about heading back for a rest, so I leave again at around 7, with the intention of sitting in Jardin du Luxembourg to read... and drink wine. Shocking I know because haven't done that at all yet. 

The gardens close at 6 so I walk to the Observatory Gardens but they also close at 6! Rude. I've now walked farther than I wanted too with a bottle of wine in my purse, so I find a Velib', city bike rental, and bike back to the hostel. I nearly ran a pedestrian over, but other than that it was a success! 

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