Thursday, August 7, 2014


Thursday 31 July
SUN! It gets me up and out the door by 10:30, headed to the bus stop nearby. The Tourism girl told me about a medieval city nearby that is only a bus ride away. I'm feeling a lot of guilt and panic about not seeing as much as I originally wanted too while I was in Lyon. Colds and rain don't encourage motivated sightseeing. 

The bus ride to Pérouges is 1.5 hours. I get off at the stop my handy sheet says to, and look around. There is a town one way, and a sigh pointing up a deserted looking street towards Pérouges. I took the Pérouges route since French signs are really quite good. I ended up at the back entrance to the city, so it worked out. Always a bonus to not get lost first thing in the morning. 

It was ADORABLE! ... And tiny. Within 45 minutes I had seen, and taken pictures of, the whole thing. With another 2.5 til the next bus left, I went to lunch at this place above. It was okay, but dessert was a dessert buffet with a local tarte... crêpe... thing and you could put whatever spreads and chocolate you wanted. Nom. 

Back down the hill to wait at the bus stop and I'm fairly melting from the heat. BUT is not raining so I shall not complain. 

Back at the hostel I am consumed with more guilt over my slacking. I missed so many things in Lyon and I could have gone to Burgundy and Dijon and Geneva is close...and so many things I haven't heard of but probably will as soon as I return home. But worrying about it does nothing so I focus on planning my route to Paris tomorrow. 

My Options:
Train - 75€ for 2 hour trip
        - 65€ for 5 hour trip

Bus - 30€ for 6 hour trip

Michael is all "oh no, you HAVE to take the bus. It's way cheaper and since it leaves at 6:15am {yes, you read correctly} you'll arrive at noon and still have the whole day because you can sleep on the bus". I must have been delirious because I agreed with him and purchased the ticket. 

I pack everything so I don't have to do it in the morning, and exchange travel stories with my roommates, so naturally I don't go to bed til late. 

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