Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another train to Milano

Thursday 24 July
Kathrina has to go back to Vienna today *tears* We say goodbye at 7:45am because she needs to make it back by midafternoon. 

One last shot of the mountains from our bedroom window. 

I miss the 9:27 train to Milan because my watch was 5 minutes slow. Oops. No biggie, I buy a ticket for the 11:27 and get some coffee and muffin at a nearby bakery. 

Last night I spent several hours searching for a place to stay. I originally thought to go to Geneva but the costs were outa control and there wasn't anything cheaper available. I had been to Milan before, but it was 4 years ago for 1 day and it was freezing cold and raining/snowing. I decided it didn't count and booked a hostel for two nights. 

I arrive in Milan Centrale and take the metro to take the tram. At the tram stop I was deducing which direction I had to go, when an Italian man names Davide started talking to me. He REALLY wanted to help me and was sweet, but was super chatty. He was in a motorcycle accident and was in a coma for 3 months and doesn't remember the 2 years after that... Etc etc. I escape to the hostel after only two stops. 

In my room I meet an Australian girl named Ruby and we go out for drinks. Somehow we found the place with a 'Maxi' sized cocktail option and we weren't prepared for that. 

Maxi Negronis are delicious. 

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