Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Louvre is Dangerous

Sunday 3 August
In France, the first Sunday of the month means free museum entry. I double check and the Louvre has it too! I'm all about a deal. However, when I get there, I see a sign saying it's only free during the winter season, discount in the spring, and regular price in the summer. Of course this makes sense, but I looked online and everything! Oh well. I fight the crowds and get in by 11:30. There are automated ticket machines now, as well as ticket counters. It really speeds up the process. 

Map in hand I allow myself to be pulled along towards the Mona Lisa. 

First a pic of Winged Victory. I had to fight some intense crowds to get up the stairs. 

A break in the crowd

I see Mona Lisa sign and turn into this room. I stared for a minute. Laughed. Then decided even though I've seen it before, I feel like I should fight that crowd just to say I did. I nearly got elbowed in the face, witnessed a near fight, and there was several instances of shoving. It was hilarious. No one even looked at the painting. They were all too busy taking pictures. 

Everyone else was doing it and I needed to prove I made it through the crowd. 

I wormed my way out of the mass of tourists and my spot was instantly filled with another person. In fact, some guy shoved his wife up to the front where I was standing. These people are crazy. 

My challenge to myself was to see it all. While of course that's a difficult thing to accomplish, I did walk through every floor and tried to look in every room. 

My favorite part was Napoleon's Apartments. The chandeliers were ridiculous! 

I even packed a lunch. I hid in a corner in Cour Marly eating a sandwich while looking at this stuff. 

After lunch I dive back in.

Law Code of Hammurabi

A peek out the window

I didn't get a good picture of the crowd surrounding Aphrodite but it was like Mona Lisa. 

Captive by Michelangelo 

Saint Mary Magdalene

At 3:30 I'm exhausted. I've walked the entire museum and if there are a few things I've missed I really don't care. I gotta get out of here and away from these people. 

As I enter Tuileries Garden, it starts to rain. What timing. It was only a light sprinkle, so I sat under the cover of some trees and made a game plan. It's only 4pm, I still have time to see more things. I pull up a walking map on my phone and head to Marais. 

A volleyball tournament in front of city hall. 

I head into Place des Vosages for some park time. Also to see Victor Hugo's house. 

Originally, Anna and I were to go see the Sacre Cœur at dusk then get dinner for Anna's last night in Paris. Rain once again alters those plans. It does eventually stop raining at around 10:30, so we venture out to see Paris at night and Gabby and Julia came with. 

Selfie time

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