Monday, July 28, 2014

Birthday in Innsbruck

Wednesday 23 July
When I wake up Kathrina sings me 'happy birthday'. What a way to start the morning. Lea told us of a local breakfast place which is delicious so we decide to go. 

And the sun was shining! Yay for birthday sun! After the coffee was gone, we noticed our neighbors at the next table had wine. Hmm. Obviously a birthday wine at noon is acceptable. 

RIGHT as we were paying it started to rain. No joke. Rain means we have to spend the day inside shopping. Shucks. Okay and we did a little sightseeing too. 

For my birthday wish I wanted a gigantic chocolatly cake. Lea also conveniently provided a bakery so in the late afternoon we sat on the river and ate cake, strawberries & cream, and bubbles. 

After dessert we headed back through the city to Lea and Lucas' for dinner. 

Dinner on the patio while looking at the mountains. 

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