Friday, July 25, 2014

3 Countries in 12 hours

Tuesday 15 July
I leave France today for the first time since June 9. Whoa. I've been here a while...

I'm at Cannes station early to take the train to Monaco. I have 4 hours before my train leaves for Torino, Italy. 

It is steaming by the time I get off the train. Lucky for me the company Foulques works at has a location in Monaco, which means I can drop my bag off and sightsee without those extra 30 pounds. 

I head to Monte Carlo via the port. 

These were the small yachts. 


I ate lunch in the gardens. 

Then back to Monaco-ville. 

Tourists EVERYWHERE. Ok I know I am one too... But still. 

The palace

I run into a supermarket to buy groceries for my 6 hour train trip. Then I stop to buy a coffee and to get wifi so I can text Chiara, Paige's best friend who's hosting me in Torino, to organize a place to meet. 

I saw this on my way back to the train station! My mom's got a store in Monaco I guess. 

On the train I'm suddenly very aware that I know no Italian. Zero. In a panic I say "merci" to a gentleman who holds the door for me. *facepalm* 

The train trip went surprisingly fast, and before I knew it I was in Torino. Chiara picked me up and we stopped by a party to meet one of her roommates, Nico, and a friend, Lino, before heading to bed. 

So excited to be in Italy :) but sorry Paige isn't here -_-

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