Monday, July 7, 2014

Festival Day 2...or 3? Then to Toulouse

Saturday 28 June
Had to check out of the hostel, so I spent a while packing up and organizing my bag. While downstairs I ran into Megan & Kath, my new Canadian friends. We headed into the city together to do did a little exploring and shopping. 

We said goodbye at 1:15 because they were doing the tour I did two days ago. It was still early, plenty of time to use up the rest of my coupons at the festival before heading to the train station. 

There was a barrel rolling show. 

Busy day at the festival. 

I leave the festival incredibly pleased with myself because I used all the coupons in my booklet. Just as I think "wow it's so nice to feel so comfortable in a city. I'm going to take a new route back" I get completely lost and end up at some church. 

I had just enough wits about me to figure out my location and get to the hostel. I grabbed my bag and walked the 15 minutes to the train station. 

I get to Toulouse, and it's raining. I think "thank goodness I spent money on that rain cover for my backpack" and gear up. I'm completely rain protected and venture into the city. 5 minutes into my walk it stops raining and now I just look ridiculous. 

With the combination of my Google map picture and CityMaps2Go app, I find the hostel no problem. My credit card gets denied *panic* so I pay in cash. Better check on that later... But it's such a sauna in my room that I can't even think straight. I go into the common room and head straight outside to cool off. Sadly the wifi doesn't reach far enough so I have to move inside. 

Once inside, I hear English! There's a group of people talking, obviously native English speakers, so I must become friends with them immediately. Daniel, Mark, and Paige are all from Australia and Leon is from England. 

We started chatting and ended up going out to a bar just around the corner. We're not quite sure why, but we had to sign up in order to drink there? It was free but they wanted to make sure the band got tips... I don't know. Either way were apart of the club now so we got a drink and enjoy the show. 

Mark made a new friend. A woman of about 60 stumbled into the bar, sat down and started grabbing at other peoples drinks. Next thing we know she's fondling Mark and trying to kiss him and dance with him. It was quite a sight. After he escaped her clutches we stop at the bar next door before we head back to the hostel. 

I've just laid down in bed when my roommate comes in. We started chatting and discover we had been at the same bar which isn't so strange considering it was less than 50 feet away. Karol is from Poland but lives in Canada and he agrees with me that this is the hottest, musty-est room we've ever stayed in. Blech. Cheers to an uncomfortably hot night. 

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