Monday, July 14, 2014

No more Avignon for me

Friday 4 July
Last night I checked online to see of Avignon station has lockers, it says they do so I take my HEAVY backpack with me into the city. I didn't want to have to go back to the hostel just to turn around and come back into the city. 

Maybe because it was so hot, or maybe because for the past two nights I've barely slept, but my bag seems to be  1,000 pounds. I am sweating through my clothes by the time I get to the station and think "oh thank goodness I made it". Then I look around, and don't see any signs for lockers.... Oh no. A SNCF worker confirms my sinking suspicion, there are no lockers. Gahhhh

I decide to ask some hotels, just in case, but I keep getting rejected. I'm near the tourism office so I ask if there are lockers anywhere. A lady tells me that I need to go to the Palais du Popes, they're the only place that has lockers. OMG that's a nearly 30 minutes walk and kinda back by my hostel. Okay. I can do it. 

I halfheartedly took this photo because I was supposed to be sightseeing today. The posters everywhere really were crazy. 

I get to the Palais and I can't store my bag there. I nearly cry and give up seeing Avignon today. After walking BACK to the train station, I buy the earliest ticket to Marseille, only to discover it's now been delayed 40 minutes. Perfect. I sit in a puddle of my own sweat along with 100 other people waiting for the delayed train to Marseille. It was a joyous experience. 

I finally arrive in Marseille! Yay! I debate for 2 seconds before deciding that I will take the Metro. The google map pic I took of the hostel's location showed there was one kinda nearby so I took a risk that I could figure it out without prior planning. Totally worth 1.50€

The hostel is so niiiice. Yaaayyy I feel so relieved. After the past 3 hostels, I was worried about spending 5 nights here if it was gross. There's even air conditioning IN the room and a bathroom. Fancy. 

I had already decided that today was laundry day, and thankfully there was one on the premises. I've been hand washing, but with how hot it's been, they needed a good strong wash. I find a grocery store, buy supplies for a gigantic salad and get to work while the laundry is going. I met a nice American couple in the kitchen who had just spent a year in Madrid teaching English. Sounds awesome. 

My laundry has 17 minutes to dry, so I head back to my room to chill. Also I discover the wifi works IN the room. Best ever. While face timing to my parents, one of my roommates comes in. Her name is Alison and she's from Canada. She invites me to come out tonight with a bunch of girls she just met in the common room so I quick grab my laundry and meet her downstairs. We can't find the other girls so we just go without them. 

France is playing so every bar is packed. We pick one in a square and chat for a while then switch to a new bar. We're walking up to the Queen Victoria when Alison waves and walks over to a group of guys. She met Trent, David, and Nick yesterday on a boat tour of Chateau d'If. We spent an enjoyable evening together bar hopping and walking around the port. 

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