Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wine Tours

Thursday 26 June
I wasn't sure where to go for my half day your of Bordeaux so I left the hostel early to go to the tourism office and ask. All I have to do is go inside the office and the driver will pick me up. Perfect. 
I get to the booth for the Millésmia tour at 11:15. 

I'm slightly nervous because I have to be back at the tourist office by 1:30 for my other tour of the day. I have no idea how long I'll be gone. A girl leads us to a bus who then drives us to the warehouse. I'm the only English speaker, awkward, so the tour guide translates everything just for me. I definitely got the Cliff Notes version. 

We walk through a huge warehouse full of boxes upon boxes of wine. 

Halfway through the tour, our guide tells us that whoever can guess the cost of a half case of Château Margaux will get a free lunch at the 'Garden Party' just outside. 

Guess who won? THIS GIRL. 

I'm enjoying my free lunch but have a sinking suspicion I'll miss my other tour. It's 1:00 and the bus that takes us back into the city doesn't come until 1:15. It takes at least 15 minutes to get back, which means I'm definitely going to be late. 

I sit in the front seat and inwardly scream at the cars in front of us to drive faster. As soon as we stop I start running towards the tourism office, thank goodness it isn't far, when all of a sudden I feel my bag getting loose. I turn around and see my purse and new wine glass on the ground! Gah! My bag had unzipped itself due to the unnatural running, and my poor wineglass shattered. I didn't have time to mourn the loss. I grabbed my stuff and huffed into the office. "Oh you're who were waiting for!" Oops. Sorry for holding up the tour everyone. I'm that girl I guess.  I did get a prime seat in the front though. 

Our first stop is Château Saint Ahon where we get a tour of  the facilities and see the tanks and barrels. 

Then time for our tasting. 

Then to Château Liouner for more wine. 

I got back into Bordeaux at 6:30 and saw that the wine festival was still going strong. I decided to quick pop in, just to get my money's worth of course. 

First I had to stop by the ticket office to try and get a new wine glass since mine was shattered. At first she told me I'd need to buy a new one, but I must have had the most devastated look on my face because she rolled her eyes and handed me a new one. *phew* I celebrated by drinking some more wine as I headed to the hostel. 

A little music to accompany the drinking. 

Tomorrow is a full day of wine festival. I head to bed early in preparation. 

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