Friday, July 25, 2014

Torino then Asti

Wednesday 16 July
I'm staying at Chiara, Nico, and Marco's flat and all three of them have real time jobs so I had the flat to myself after 9am. I ate breakfast, drank coffee and lounged. It was glorious. Chiara works outside of the city, so Nico offered to meet me at 1 during his lunch to show me some things in Torino. This means I couldn't slack all day. 

With Nico's pointers in mind, I amble from piazza to piazza, admiring the architecture around me while eating gelato. I love Italy. 

I spent some time in Valentino park because I like to lay in the grass and people watch. Ok and my feet hurt. 

On my way back to the flat, I huffed, I mean, *walked* up Monte dei Cappuccini for panoramic views of the city. 

And saw Gran Madre di Dio aka Big Mamma

For dinner we went to a Brazilian restaurant, appropriate for my 2nd night in Italy, yes? A very toned, very scantily clad woman showed off her mad dance skills and peer pressured us all to join. 

Thursday 17 July
It's really hard to plan a trip for the full 10 weeks so I decided I would plan as I go. That of course didn't work out as smoothly as expected, which means I'm in the heart of Piedmonte and no idea how to see some wineries and wine country. I think "yes I'll go to Asti today! Find a tourism office and get on some sort of bus to see the country". There was no information online so it was my best bet. 

I arrive in Asti and it's a ghost town. Oops. 2:30 in small town Italy?.. Everything's closed, including the tourism office. Instead of being sad, I drink!

Then I get a light lunch before heading back to Torino. 

For dinner, Nico and Chiara make me some pasta pasticceller, which is their specialty, and I provided the wine. In case you weren't aware, Italians cook very well. Just saying. 

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