Friday, July 25, 2014


Thursday 10 July
I have no idea what to see today because all I know of Cannes is the film festival. Foulques' flat is quite close to the old town, so I just walk hoping to bump into a celebrity or two. (Spoiler: saw none). 

I got lost in old town, saw a museum, found a market and shopped a bit. 

I have just realized I took no pictures of Cannes other than the beach. Fail. 

After a day in the city, I needed a little beach time. At around 7, Foulques picked me up and we went to a friends villa for a party. It was a beautiful view, I met some more fantastic people, and, of course, consumed too much wine. 

Friday 11 July
Lazy, lazy day today. Foulques went to the market for food for lunch, while I had a coffee. 

This is the best picture I got of the market... It was a great market I promise!

We are lunch, hung out, and then I went to the beach while Foulques did a little work from home. 

I THINK I went to the tourist beach because there was more English being spoken around me than French. A lot of posed pictures in the water were also happening...

At about 5, I rode along with Foulques to Antibes and toured the city center for about an hour. Didn't take any pictures because apparently I was over pictures, which of course I regret as soon as I leave the city lol 

Being a Friday night, we head to a party straight from Antibes. Some friends were having a barbecue. We played Molky, a Finnish yard game which is my new favorite, ate a lot and stayed up way too late. 

Foulques dances in heels while drinking scotch. 

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