Thursday, July 3, 2014

Exploring Bordeaux

Wednesday 25 June
I slept so hard last night than when I woke up I felt hungover. My body keeps waking me up by 8:30 at the latest. I'm no okay with this progression towards adulthood. 

I go to the cafeteria to take advantage of free breakfast, but I'm mostly there for the coffee.  

The sun is shining and it's going to be another beautiful day so I force myself to get going. It's a 30 minute walk into the city center from the hostel, and I detour into a market for some fruit and a pain au raisin. 

I go through the Place de la Victorie and up Saint-Catherine's street. 

Saint-Catherine's a major shopping street and right now there are major sales happening. It's hot okay! I needed a new shorts option... Much later I enter Place de la Comédie happy with my purchases. 

I'm not exactly sure what there is to see in the city, so I visit the tourism office to get a walking tour. While I'm there I see this. 

Even my mediocre French can translate that! Wine party! On the dates I'm here! Whohoo! Tourism lady tells me that it's Bordeaux's largest wine festival and if I go just around the corner I will be able to purchase a ticket for a discount since it's the day before it starts. I head straight there. Wine festival here I come. 

Personal wine glass with convenient holder. 

The festival doesn't start til tomorrow so I save my excitement and follow the walking tour of the city. It's time to see some more churches. 

I found Place de Bourse, which was beautiful, but more importantly I found the water mirror.

It was glorious and refreshed me for the rest of the day. I wish I could have followed suit and just laid down in the water but then I would have had to walk around in sopping wet clothes and that would have been highly uncomfortable. Small children were running around in just their underwear enjoying the cool water on a hot day. I guess when there's no beach you improvise. 

I finish the walking tour and head back down a now packed Saint-Catherine's street towards the hostel. 

I stop at a supermarket for more food and sit on the patio to talk to everyone via FaceTime or Skype then get down to business and plan my day tomorrow. 
There are several bus tours available, as much as I don't like to do the super touristy thing, it seems to be the smartest way for me to see some Chateaux and the countryside. 
I try to figure out my passbook for the festival as well. It's in French, which complicates things, but I see that there is a coupon for a free visit to Millésima, a wine négociant. I'm not exactly sure what the tour entails, but it's free! I sign up for 11:30 tomorrow. 
I feel like I've done enough for one day, so I shower and head to bed. 

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