Friday, July 25, 2014

Sailing in Hyères

Saturday 12 July
Spent the morning eating breakfast, hanging out in a hammock, and playing more Molky. 

At 4 we pack up and A picks us up for our trip to Hyères which is about an hour drive. We're going to sail from Hyères to Toulon early tomorrow morning. After checking the beach in Hyères, and deciding it's not windy enough for kite surfing we get a beer. 

Then head to a local rhummerie for infused rum. We went with vanilla then strawberry. 

Goes great with pizza. 

Sunday 13 July
Sailing day! We were kinda nervous because it wasn't too windy at first, but that changed fast. 

About an hour into our sail it was incredibly windy and wavy so we got drenched, but hey what's 4 hours at sea without a little waves?

We took the bus back to Hyères for a little kite surfing and to pick up the car, then drove back to Cannes. 

I only watched because I didn't want to kill myself. It does seem really fun though... Next time. 

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