Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chateau d'If & Frioul

Tuesday 8 July
It's super windy, which is a problem because Courtney and I are taking a ferry to If then Frioul for some beach times.

We're in line at the ticket counter and I see a sign that says "no rides to Chateau d'If due to unsafe weather conditions" *tears* We can still go to Frioul and after I pout a second, I get it together and we buy a ticket for Frioul. The weather for tomorrow isn't looking any less windy so we might as well stick to the plan. 

While sitting on the top deck, a guy comes out and says something in French then he looks right at us "Parlez-vous français?", probably because we looked confused. We aay "no English" and he says "It's very stormy and wavy, but you come with me. You have first class seats!" Courtney and I share a glance, then shrug and follow him to the wheelhouse (Cockpit? Helm? Captains area? Awesome view zone? No idea what it's called) while everyone else stares at us with envy. 

We meet 4 Frenchmen, only one of which is actually doing anything, yet none of them seemed surprised to see us. I think they do this a lot. While one drives the boat, the other three entertained themselves by flirting shamelessly the whole 30 minute trip. 

It was so fun. Especially once we heard screaming and saw how wet everyone was getting in the very seats we were just sitting in. Our new friends gave us some pointers on what to see and do on Frioul. Also they mentioned they were off work at 2:40. We avoided the port at around 2:40... Just in case. 

It was a beautiful island so we decided to so a little beach hopping. 

Beach spot #1

Chateau d'If

Beach spot #2

Beach 2 was great because it had sand but it was so windy that the sand started to exfoliate the top layers of skin. Okay maybe I'm being a tiny bit dramatic. 

Back at the hostel we finally go out for our gelato. After 3 days of talking about it Courtney pressured me into two scoops. I can assure you she's very convincing. We got our gelato and walked up to Palais du Pharo to enjoy the city at dusk. 

We got kicked out at 10pm because they closed, so we went for one drink and watched Germany kill Brazil. There were two boys next to us,  maybe 13 chain smoking and drinking....
...A strawberry milk juice box. One then wishes us a 'good morning' and says we're so beautiful it's like 'stars in the eyes'. What a charmer. 

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