Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beaches and Parks

Sunday 22 June
We woke up exceedingly *ahem* tired this morning, but we had to be up and out so that the cleaning lady could do her thing. We tried unsuccessfully for almost an hour to find a bakery open on a Sunday and bumped into a church in the process. 

We had to get back to the flat to meet Vincent's parents who were going to pick us up and drive us to  for some lunch and a relaxing beach day. I couldn't wait. 

We jammed to classics for the entire hour drive. Michael Jackson crosses all language barriers. 

The restaurant is in Le Pouliguen near La Baule and is owned by Vincent's parents neighbor. They are very excited about eating fresh mussels, but alas my allergies don't allow it so I have a galette. 


We also have some rosé. The new thing is to chill wine in a plastic bag. Make note. 

After a leisurely lunch with Vincent translating conversation, we walk to the beach for a little relaxation. 

Enjoying the water... With this random guy behind me. 

Then we go into Le Pouliguen so Vincent can show me his hometown. We stop and get ice cream at the best place in town and Vincent said I had to get caramel. He was right. So good. 

By the time we got back we were exhausted from a full day in the hot sun. I caught up on some episodes of Game of Thrones and we watched the USA play. 

Monday 23 June
Vincent had an early meeting this morning, which meant we both had to be up and at the bus stop by 7:15. It was quite a struggle but I managed to find a cafe with wifi and spent 2 hours enjoying the city wake up. 

Eventually I felt like my 1.90€ espresso didn't make up for the fact that I had been hogging a table for 2 hours, so I go conquer the day and Nantes. 

I start with the castle. 

I continue to aimlessly walk the city, but I get very sidetracked by shopping. It happens. 

I found this cool shopping mall. 

Most shops we're closed though because it was a Monday.

I did manage to buy myself a present. 

I park it in the garden for a bit, reading, journaling, and people watching. 

It has been a crazy few days. I was tired and felt like I deserved a treat... And that I needed some vegetables. Don't worry I still got wine in the form of a Kir. 

Vincent told me about a mechanical elephant that was on the island. I gathered my strength and went to find it. You can ride in it! But it wasn't running for some reason. 

It was quite cool. 

Vincent messaged me that he was on his way back so I met him near the tram stop and we walk to his flat. After the final episode of Game of Thrones (OMG everyone diiiiies) we feel energized enough to go out for one more drink. I met many English and American friends at the Irish pub which was super fun. 

Naturally I get a negroni. Nom. 

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