Thursday, July 24, 2014


Monday 7 July
After two and a half days of being in Marseille, I'm actually going to sightsee the city. Courtney hasn't done any sightseeing yet either so we agree to meet after she gets back from the police station to report her phone. Gotta get that insurance claim. It ends up taking her longer than expected, so I start out alone. I head towards Notre-Dame and see a garden on the way. There were several tourists posting by this statue so I thought maybe it was something I needed to see. 

I walk up the steps into the garden and see a RAT the size of a cat. I shriek and it runs away. Next in the Garden of Terrors, I reach the top of the stairs to find benches covered in bird poop. Covered. I think "ew" just as I hear a 'PLOP' and I look up to see 50 evil pigeons staring at me ready to aim poop bombs at my head. I duck and run for the safety of the other side. Not my best moment. 

Safe outside the garden, I climb up the hill to Notre-Dame. 

Rain was threatening, but didn't actually deliver thank goodness. 

As I'm about to go inside when Courtney calls, so we meet out front. We go into the crypts first which were impressive but nothing compared to the church itself. OMG it was so gorgeous. Pictures don't do it justice. Also it was nautical themed. What!?

See the ships hanging down?

Next we head down to the Abbey and Fort

Walking around the port to the other side we find this fun mirror! It reminded me of The Bean in Chicago. 

The port with Notre-Dame in the background. And a crane. 

Touristy shopping

We spent most of our time wandering Le Panier. 

We grabbed a sandwich and ate lunch looking at this view. 

Of course the Major Cathedral is closed on Monday

We went into the museum, got very confused, and ended up at the rooftop cafe. We had a lovely coffee break before heading back to the hostel. While at the supermarket for dinner, a bottle of wine ended up in my bag. That seems to happen here a lot. 


We had every intention of going back out for a gelato, but it got too late and our beds were so comfy. We're party animals what can I say. 

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