Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunbathing in Albisola

Saturday 19 July
By 7:30 we were in the car driving to the sea for our weekend at the beach. Lino was driving so we cheered "Lino! Lino! Lino!" to support him right before we all fell asleep. Sorry Lino. What I did see of the countryside was beautiful. 

We left our stuff at Nico's parents place and biked to the beach after a quick detour to buy some fresh made focaccia. It. Was. Heavenly. 

Lino wanted a piggyback ride. Chiara couldn't do it. 

From the beach we went to the supermarket for dinner supplies. 

I mostly sat and watched the Italians do their thing in the kitchen. It worked out well for me. 

Several hours were spent laughing over dinner and mojitos.

Later in the night, Chiara and I made friends with a bride at the club. 

She was one of 10 brides we saw. 

The bike ride home was sweaty but Chiara and Nico sang Italian pop songs the whole way which passed the time. Note to self: YouTube Italian songs from the 80s

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