Monday, July 7, 2014

Bordeaux Wine Festival

Friday 27 June
The only plan I have for today is the wine festival. I can't wait. As I made my way into the city, I felt really groggy and realized it had been quite a while since I'd had any sort of veggies. I stopped at a restaurant for a big salad and some Lillet. 

Then I went to the river and started tasting wines. I found a little park, and spent the rest of the day drinking wine, reading, and listening to a band warm up across the street. 

There were also artists decorating huge wine bottles. 

Eventually I get hungry, so I went to look for a food booth. I couldn't say no to a foie gras sandwich. 

Paired with some Sauternes of course. 

By 5, I'm exhausted by my big day of doing nothing and I head back to the hostel. I had met some girls in my room last night, and we were all going to go downtown at around 10 to see the lights show and fireworks. While in the common room, we ran into other people who had the same plan so we all walked together. It was a 20 minute light show on Place de la Bourse set to music. It was so cool!

Then 20 minutes of fireworks also set to music. 

It was an impressive spectacle. 

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