Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Sunday 29 June
The hostel has no coffee, which means this mornings top priority is to find the nearest cafe. 

I meet up with Daniel, Paige, and Mark in the common room and we head towards the capital building for some sightseeing and a cafe. We choose one right on the square because why not. 

We found the tourism office and grabbed a walking map, so we followed that around a bit. The highlight was finding this. We made bets on how long it'd last like that. 

We saw it the next day and the cone was gone, but the penis drawing was still on it's face. 

I got some new 'sunnies' at a market. 'Merica

This church was amazingly detailed. 

We had a slight problem because we needed good and wine, but the stores are all closed on Sundays. After some futile searching we gave up and went to an English bar to watch some World Cup soccer. Netherlands won YAY and as a bonus, the store right next door was opened! We stock up on food and wine and go back to the hostel. The plan was to go back to the Japanese gardens and watch the free concert going on tonight, but once we got to the hostel it started downpouring. An unanimous decision was made to stay in the hostel and feast. 

2€ wine & Mark's homemade candle from cheese wax for some ambiance. 

Friends. Such a fun night. 

Monday 30 June
This morning we were a little slow moving. I had to pack up all my stuff because I leave for Montpellier. We did the usual coffee break then a bit of sightseeing. 

We paid for our bill with coins. We apologized as we ran away. 

Mark was supposed to go to San Sebastián but there weren't any trains going today, so he decided to come with me to Montpellier before heading to Barcelona. It was great to have a travel buddy. 

We got to Montpellier and jumped on the tram, without paying because we're rebels. When we got off we weren't exactly sure where to go, but saw a supermarket so went inside to get some supplies. Bread, cheese, wine. As usual. 

Thankfully the hostel wasn't full so Mark could stay there too. So we relaxed, ate, and watched some soccer. We were also entertained by the girl in the common room alternating between talking to herself and fake crying. This is when we started to second guess my choice in hostel. 

I started second guessing even more when I went up to bed, because I had a very strange roommate, a 60 year old Parisian lady visiting her friend for the week. She gave me more than an eyeful getting into her nightgown, told me "I snore, so please wake me up if I keep you awake" and promptly fell asleep and started snoring. Good thing I have earplugs. 

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