Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mont-St-Michel & Nantes

Saturday 21 June
Morning came way too soon, but the highlight was Julian eating his very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He's going to make them at the next 'America' party. 

I'm in Caen, I need to get to Nantes and Mont-St-Michel is 'on the way'. It was a little more complicated than I anticipated but, thanks to Julien, I was ready. 

Took the train from Caen to Pontorson, then killed 45 minutes waiting for the bus to Mont-St-Michel. 

This was the prettiest thing in Pontorson. 

More bread please. 

I asked about a spot to store my bag, so the bus driver make a special stop at the tourist office so I can leave my bag in a locker. As I put my bag in the locker I realize this means I take a shuttle into Mont-St-Michel and have to shuttle back to get my bag THEN have to find the bus stop to get back to Pontorson. The last bus is at 3:50. It's 12:30 and I'm not even there yet. I try not to worry and enjoy the view as I get off the shuttle. 

The winding street was packed with tourists as we all shuffle up towards the Abbey. The touristy levels were off the charts: Each shop sold the same souvenirs and the restaurants all advertised that their views were the best.

I cheaply debated the 9€ entrance fee into the Abbey, but realized I'd come all this way, I should just do it. I wish I would have spring for the audio guide too. Oh well, things to remember for next time. 

I happened to show up during communion. 

Gigantic fireplace

Looking up the gigantic fireplace. I wondered whether or not I could crawl up there if I had too... I totally coulda. 

Views from the top

It's now nearly 2 and I have to work my way down the mountain and to the shuttle stop. I get to the tourist office, pick up my bag, and take the shuttle back towards Mont-St-Michel but get off one stop before, in the little city there. I have 30 minutes to kill before the bus will pick me up. I couldn't stand in the scorching heat, and thankfully a nearby hotel let me sit in the lobby and use wifi for a few minutes. 

Back at Pontorson, I wait 10 minutes for my train to Rennes. Here I am meeting a girl named Anaïs who will drive me to Nantes. The problem is that she doesn't speak the best English... And I don't understand where we are supposed to meet. I walk a circle, ask someone, then call her. Our inability to understand each other just complicates things so eventually I text her my location and she walks to find me. A guy named Vincent is also riding along. He's going to Nantes to take an English exam to become a teacher. When we get to Nantes he waits for me at the tram stop where I'm meeting Vincent, yes there's two in this story. We part ways on the tram and I wish Teacher Vincent good luck and goodbye. The Vincent I'm staying with is a manager at Orange, and his flat is near the city center. We stop at a supermarket on the way, and pick up some wine, bread, and cheese. 

I'm representing his union now apparently. 

We hang out and chat until his friend Anaïs comes over, yes there are two in this story. Vincent shows off his bartending skills then we head out to the bars. 

Anaïs, me, and Vincent. We had way too much fun and stayed up entirely too late. 

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