Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nantes - Bordeaux

Thursday 24 June
Up at 7:30 again. I've been waking up earlier on 'vacation' than I do in real life! Absurd and unacceptable. I quick pack up, and say 'bye' to Vincent. He's heading to the Ukraine then Poland for his own holiday but doesn't leave for another hour. I get to the bus stop RIGHT when it's pulling up *phew* and take it into the city center. After a 20 minute walk to the train station with my backpacks on, I decide that I'm gonna be SO toned and buff when I get home regardless of the amount of carbs I've been consuming. 

Another day another train. 

I sleepily watch the countryside pass by, but mostly side eye the old lady across from me. She's got her laptop set up with pillows and blankets arranged around her like she's been traveling for days... Pretty sure it's only a 3 hour train trip, lady. 

I get to Bordeaux St-Jean and grab a map from the tourism office. Walking to the hostel, I pass a supermarket and stop in for some lunch. My options are limited but So. Hungry. 

I can't check in the hostel til 4, so I sit on the patio and use the wifi to catch up with people and what's been going on in the world. 

I get into the room and am impressed with how spacious it is! Win. Even a shower and bathroom connected to the room, what a luxurious hostel. 

After I shower, I unpack, settle in, and made friends with some girls in my room. I declined joining them for a drink. I was exhausted and collapsed into bed embarrassingly early. 

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