Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Saturday 5 July
Alison was planning on going to the Calanques today. I have no idea what they are but I've heard it's beautiful and I have plenty of time in Marseille so I tag along. As we're leaving the hostel we run into Jean, from South Africa, and Hedvig, from Sweden, who are also going to the Calanques! Perfect. We go to the supermarket first to get food for lunch, as we've heard there's nothing around once you get to the Calanques. 

We took the bus to it's end stop then just followed all the other people in bathing suits. Turns out it's an hour hike and it was beautiful but really hot. We realized the hike back up would be worse but put that thought aside til later. 


We were all walking like "oh this is pretty!" Then turned a bend and saw this 

*cue heavenly music*

It was an oasis and all we could think about was getting into the water. But first we had to take a hundred pictures of the view. It didn't seem like real life it was so pretty. 

It was a bit of a struggle but we finally made it! It was glorious. After a quick lunch I was up and into the water. 

We jumped off the rocks, even the high one, and swam around for ages. 

The rocks weren't the most comfortable to tan on, and we had the threat of the hike back looming over us so after a few hours we started back. 

It was an intensely hot hike and we were out of water but we did it! Girl power. There was a small water fountain at the end of the hike so we tried to rinse off all of the salt but it didn't really work however we did fill our water bottles which was fabulous. Another hour on the bus until we're finally back at the hostel for a shower and relaxing. Jean and Hedvig went out for dinner, but Alison and I decided to hang out in the room on our beds and drink wine instead. 

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