Friday, July 25, 2014

Glow Sticks and Facepaint

Friday 18 July
At the Brazilian restaurant on Wednesday, Chiara's friend Cami told me I should go to Mole Antonelliana because it has a cool cinema museum as well as an elevator that takes you to the top to view the city. It's another stifling hot day, so spending some time in an air conditioned building sounds perfect. 

This place was great for several reasons: A/C, free wifi, and interactive displays throughout the museum. 

First I went up to see the view. 

At 3 I realize I've been here entirely too long, and hit the streets. 

Lunch in the grass by the library. 

This was my view for lunch. 

Found this place when I got gelato. It's always gelato-time and I'm completely obsessed with lemon flavor right now. 

Today one of Chiara's friends graduated, and was throwing a party. Chiara had to work late, so Cami picked me up and Chiara met us there. 

Cami and Chiara wrote Alisa a poem to honor her graduation. 

At 11, we all went to Valentino park to continue the celebration. 

We found glow-in-the-dark facepaint!

I pulled the 'I'm an American visiting Torino!' card and got two glow sticks. Sometimes it works. 

We had a very fun night.

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