Sunday, July 13, 2014


Tuesday 1 July
I woke up at 8 this morning to an English girl my age doing Tai Chi. I thought it couldn't be real life, must be a dream, and dozed off again. At 8:30 I open my eyes to the same sight and realize she really has been doing Tai Chi for the past 30 minutes. Huh. The crick in my neck makes me envious of her. My solution however is to go downstairs to get breakfast. They stop serving it at 9! The audacity! 

Our early breakfast means we were out and sightseeing by 11. We didn't have much of a plan, but just decided to follow the map the hostel gave us. 

Someone was playing the organ when we arrived. It gave me goosebumpes. 

Roman aqueducts

We took a little coffee break and wrote some postcards. Mark got the largest, girliest cappuccino ever. I got espresso. I took this picture to shame him lol 

It was delicious though. 

We stumbled upon a church that had a lot of modern art inside.

Back at the hostel, Mark took a nap and I did some wifi-ing. I saw this come in and knew we made the wrong decision with this hostel lol Street performers were staying here! Craazy Also the girl who was talking to herself last night has been asleep on the couch for the entire day. I'm curious to know what she consumed last night. 

After a light dinner, we walked just down the block to watch USA play Belgium. 

Right after we took this pic it started raining so we moved inside. Some people from our hostel were there, so we sat with them. I was the only one rooting for the US and everyone else was team Belgium. By the end of the game I didn't even care who won. It was such a fun game to watch. #timhowardforlife

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