Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Sunday 6 July
Ahh my longed for beach day. I'm going to go to Cassis, and sit on the beach all day. 

I was trying to keep my bag light when I packed for my 2 month trip, but not having a beach towel is a problem. I didn't have sunscreen either which is an even bigger problem. Being a Sunday, I was worried all the stores would be closed, but after checking with reception I learn that there is a Monoprix open til 1pm. Perfect. 

Armed with sunscreen and a blanket for the beach, I arrive at the bus stop for Cassis. Lucky for me I got there early, by the time everyone got on we were running 10 minutes behind and there weren't enough seats so some people had to wait til the 12:15 bus. Eek that'd suck. 

Note to everyone going from Marseille to Cassis: sit on the right side of the bus. You'll get amazing views of the city and countryside. (No, I didn't take a picture. I didn't feel like a iPhone pic through a bus window would really capture the moment)

Once again I follow the bathing suit clad people who look like they know where they're going and end up in downtown Cassis. I'm almost to the beach I see a guy selling hats and I think "oh I'd like I hat, it's hot". He says 10€ so I say 6€ and he says no. Um. Haggling part of being a street vendor buddy! You're selling hats on a bench at the beach! But no, he refuses to budge from 10€ so I go to the beach hatless. 

I spent my day reading a book from the hostel, listening to music, and of course people watching. 

Beach selfie

By 5:15 I've had enough sandy beach time so I head back to the bus stop just in time to make the 5:45 bus.  

After a relaxing shower and lounging on my bed I decide it's time for food. As I'm making a salad for dinner, a guy comes into the kitchen, grabs a fork, then leaves. I don't think anything of it until a girl comes around the corner saying "have you seen my phone!? It was here two minutes ago" I look and see her charger in the plug with no phone. She had her back turned looking at a book. The only person who could have stolen it was that guy who came into the kitchen! The reception guy was a complete jerk to her, Jean, Alison, and I could overhear the whole thing. Faith lost in humanity. 

We had all decided to go out for drinks because it's Jean and Alison's last night so Alison and I go up to the room and see that our new roommate is the girl who's phone is stolen! Her name is Courtney and she's from Australia. She declines going out to drown her sorrows with us but we make plans for tomorrow. 

Back at our usual square, we find a DJ booth set up with people dancing! It's 9pm on a Sunday.. But we weren't complaining. 

Seriously though this selfie was really hard to take. 

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  1. ive been on that beach!!!! hot chocolate in one hand, and a beer in the other!